Spanish Tomato Sauce Recipe (Tomato Frito)


How to make tomato frito sauce. Easy recipe step by step. Learn how to prepare one of the most famous sauces in Spain. It’s so delicious!

Spanish Tomato Sauce Recipe (Tomato Frito)

You will not certainly do it, but if you surf in an Internet forum about foods that are frequently missed by Spanish people living in foreign countries, you may be surprised to discover that besides the “jamón”, they miss a lot the bottles or bricks of tomato sauce in the supermarket. Quite true.

How to make tomato frito ?

In many countries, the “tomato frito“, as called in Spain, does not exist. However, this tasty sauce is extremely easy to prepare at home by those who stay in Spain and those who by choice or need left their country.

Spanish Tomato Sauce Recipe (Tomato Frito)

Spanish Tomato Sauce Recipe (Tomato Frito)

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Now you know how to make tomato frito sauce

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Suelo comer las berengenas fritas con miel de caña. En el tomate frito nunca me dió por mojarlas.
Tal vez sea muy buena la idea…Síiiiiiii.
Gracias por la receta, chef!

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