Pear and Chocolate Chip Tart (inspired by Julia Child’s)


Step-by-Step Easy Recipe for a Heavenly Pear and Chocolate Chip Tart. Inspired by the version of the famous Julia Child’s Pear Tart. Delicious!

After making a pear, rocket and parmesan salad, I had a few extra pears lying around in the fridge. It was a great coincidence that one of my coworkers brought in two tarts to celebrate his birthday – one apple and one pear. I loved the pear tart so much that I took the opportunity to use up the extra pears and learn how to make the tart myself.

How to make a Pear and Chocolate Chip Tart

After searching the internet for a good recipe, I settled on this version of Julia Child’s tart, although less elaborate since I didn’t leave the tails. I also added some chocolate chips, perhaps too many… but with the pear filling… Exquisite!!

Here is the recipe:

Pear and Chocolate Chip Tart (inspired by Julia Child’s)

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Serves: 6 Time: Difficulty: Easy

Now you know how to make a Pear and Chocolate Chip Tart

A tart that I recommend you try. I love the custard filling made with the syrup from cooking the pears. It’s exquisite!

See you next recipe!

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11 years ago

Ya la tengo en favoritos…jejejej La tengo que hacer! Me ha encantado…

11 years ago

que maravilla, esta especie de quiché dulce me ha encantado, y la mezcla de pera y chocolate es una autentica delicia, doy fe!

10 years ago

Pero que idea tan genial!!!
Me encanta, tienes unas recetas geniales!
Un saludo

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