Basic French Crepes Recipe


By chance, as many other times, I discovered that the 2nd of February is the day that everybody in France have to eat crepes. It is the celebration of “Chandeleur ” or “le jour des […]

By chance, as many other times, I discovered that the 2nd of February is the day that everybody in France have to eat crepes. It is the celebration of “Chandeleur ” or “le jour des crêpes ” (the National Crepe Day). My first 2nd of February I entered the company restaurant with some difficulties since there was a long queue from the crepe stand placed for that jour to the main door. According to French pagan tradition, the shape of crepes evokes the Sun and in the past people ate crepes hopint that will bring a warm spring and therefore prosperous harvests at the end of the season. Today eating crepes the secon dof Febraury is a call for luck for the remainder of the year. There’s even some particularities about how to make crepes to bring us good luck: you have to cook it only with your right hand… in the other you have to have a piece of gold or a coin… the way you flip the crepe and how it falls on the pan is roughly the amount of good luck you will have… Anyway… what really matters is to gulp down a good crepe.

Taking advantage that 2nd of Febraury is coming again, and taht everyone in France including myself, rush for crepes, even if they are consumed anytime in the year, I think is a good opportunity to post the recipe for French crepes, both sweet or salty recipes. It is very easy. It only requires to mix, to let it sit, and “to crepe”. Although the first crepe is likely to be ugly, or less nice, depending on your point of view, the rest are made with an incredible easiness… I really recommend you to not to use any kind of premade mix, except if some supernatural force dictates you that mixing by yourself flour, eggs and milk in a bowl is an aberration against nature. If not, you should sift some flour of good quality, break some eggs and bring in your best milk. There is no comparison. The flavor of a crepe depends a lot on the quality of these three key ingredients, plus any other flavor shot that we can use, such as rum, orange, coconut , vanilla…
Finally , just to mention that when I want to eat crepes for dessert at home, I prepare the mix just before sitting at the table. Thus, the mix can sit while I eat and we do a little break before dessert while I “crepe”. Freshly made is like they taste the best .

Basic French Crepes Recipe

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Venía ya unos días leyendo lo de la Chandeleur y viendo crepes, pero no me había parado a leer de qué iba.

Me temo que hoy no las prepararé (una pena, porque igual me daría la suerte suficiente como para que me cayera en la cocina una sartén para preparar crepes como esa tuya), pero me guardo esa idea de sustituir parte de leche por cerveza para las saladas. Una vez las hice con champagne, pero nunca he hecho más experimentos, y a veces las saladas me parecen algo sosillas, como si les faltara… cerveza, por ejemplo 😛

Hey Damián, desconocía que mañana era el día de los crepes en Francia. Gracias por compartir esta receta – lo del toque de cerveza me ha encantado- jeje… A ver si hago crepes, que ya hace mucho que no los como y… huevo, azúcar y leche siempre hay en la despensa. Abrazicos 🙂